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Jesse Lauden

Hi Grandma :D

I was just reading some articles about Robert online..I was very interested in his achievements. I hope to see you soon!

Joy Brubaker Keith

Murry: I just happened to be joining the students and staff at Penncrest where I am now a Teacher's Aide, in an assembly, not knowing that many childhood feelings would result and linger over the last several days. When I saw that we were to honor some Hall of Famer's (I had seen Robin's name several times as I walked down the Hall, 2nd floor) I thought that he looked rather familiar on the stage, and then they announced his name and I got goosebumps. Your son was delightful in his receipt of me and my inquiries of how you all are, and I have just printed the bio, to read later, skimming it seeing Patty's name. I just want to say to you, as I did to him, that I have so many wonderful memories of the time I spent in your home on Mt. Alverno Rd. I was very happy there. I tell my friends, I rode quite a distance on my bike to see the twins and play, I probably came home on their bus too. Thank you so very much for allowing me to "run all over" your home, play with all the puppets, walk on stilts, and remember the finite details of that home. We were very lucky growing up at that time and I see so many things today that, trust me, are shocking to the conservative/Quaker side of me - do you think I'm getting old??
Whoever reads this, please pass on to its intended recipient. Thank you. It would be wonderful to write now and then on email. Joy Brubaker Keith email address: joybkeith@comcast.net

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