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Essie Maasoumi

This is the closest I have felt to the Nobel Prize! I have known Rob since I was a graduate student at the LSE, and both Rob and Clive since I joined USC in 1977. I was one of the three speakers sharing a session with Rob at the European Meetings of the Econometric Society in Athens, Greece (Hashem Pesaran was the other. Rob presented his work on something called "ARCH", and I was trying to hold my coauthor down because he had suddenly decided to present half of our paper! Ever since, Rob has mysteriously been around some of the best times I have experienced (Madrid, UCSD, Melbourne,....)It couldn't have happened to two nicer guys (Clive and Rob)who love what they do and love their students and friends.


Rob Engle's nobel prize is full deserved. As an admirer I would like to say thank you. Strength and wisdom. Regards

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