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Brian K. Edwards

Sometime during my first year or two of graduate school at UCSD, the San Diego area experienced one of the many earthquakes that occassionally hit California. A few weeks after this earthquake, Rob was presenting a seminar on, if I remember correctly, some of his early ARCH results. Sometime during his presentation, and I seem to recall that it occurred near the conclusion of his seminar, there was an after-shock. If there had only been a market for Nobel futures...

Asger Lunde

Dear Rob and Marianne

Great webpage you put up. I had great time looking
at all the nice pictures. Looks like the thing to
do - winning the Nobel Price. My compliments!

Dear Rob, thanks for all the help and advice
you gave me during my stay at UCSD in 1997, and
in the years after. You had a great influence
on my way of thinking and working with Economics
and Econometrics. I had the best time working
with you in our ocean side office at UCSD.

All the best, Asger

Dean Schiffman

I am really enjoying this.

Warm regards;
Dean Schiffman (now attorney at law)

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