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Betsy Devine

I'm so glad I found your weblog, while I was looking for images that would help me figure out the dress code for various Nobel celebrations. On Tuesday, October 5, 2004, my husband Frank Wilczek got a 5 a.m. phone call (EST) saying he'd won a Nobel Prize in physics. It sounds as though you and your family had a great time!


congratulations for your nobel price!

Pierre Siklos

Seeing Rob last week, at a wonderful conference celebrating his work and that of Clive Granger, reminded me of a time, over 14 years ago, when I was a visiting UCSD for a term. I was in San Diego to continue working with Clive on some joint research that was begun in 1989 on my first visit to UCSD. While I had met Rob and occasionally said hello at seminars and in the hallways, he was clearly very busy as Department Chair. Moreover, there were plenty of very well-known academics visiting UCSD at the same time who would no doubt be keeping him still busier. I did not imagine he even knew who I was much less what I was doing there. In any event, as the family was about to leave San Diego, he took the time to call and thank us for visiting UCSD. We were rather surprised as we wondered why the Department Chair would take the trouble to thank me for going to UCSD. I certainly did not expect that such a call would be forthcoming. However, in retrospect, I think this episode speaks volumes for Rob's thoughtfulness. We already know what an exceptional academic he was and still is.

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